InQuis is an innovative national network of evidence-based rehab experts and litigation consulting firm. Our experts are national leaders in the fields of life care planning, vocational rehab/wage loss, and life expectancy.

Life Care Planning Voc Rehab/Wage Loss Life Expectancy Litigation/Consultation
Our life care planners are experienced in working with complex catastrophic cases. Their goal is to assist the client in achieving optimal outcomes by developing a plan that is both rehabilitative and preventative. Our credentialed and certified rehabilitation counselors provide a wide array of vocational services from expert opinion testimony to wage loss analysis. Our experts in life expectancy are nationally recognized in their field and provide both analysis and expert opinion testimony. Our nationally certified rehabilitation professionals and life care planners with extensive experience are available to provide consultation for injury prevention, and can serve as an expert in personal injury, civil litigation, workers’ compensation, and other cases where medical and vocational rehabilitation issues are relevant.
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